About Me

Hi friends!  Thanks for stopping by my little home on the internets. My name is Stacy, I’ve been married to Tom for 11 years, and we have four kids- Abby, 9; Ashlynn who will be 8 in a few weeks and is thrilled to be getting baptized, Max who is 2 ½, and Ian, 6 months. We live in a small-ish town outside of Salt Lake City, UT. My husband has about four different job titles and descriptions, so we can just say that he’s an accountant and also in charge of deploying a huge software project, and I “stay home” with the kids. (And we all know what a joke the staying home part is, right?)

I was born in Idaho, but moved to Utah when I was five and have been here ever since. I have always been very involved in music, leaning to read music almost as soon as I was reading words. I started playing the violin when I was 12, and majored in Violin Performance at the University of Utah. I have since trained as a Suzuki violin teacher, and have a violin studio of 17 students- three 4-year olds, two adults, and just about everything in between. My oldest daughter also studies violin, my middle daughter plays piano, and negotiating lessons, practicing and performances with both of them takes up a big chunk of our time and energy. There are many mornings where my seven year old is playing piano downstairs, my nine year old is practicing violin upstairs, and I’m on the middle floor, calling out practicing suggestions to both of them.

My husband and I were a singles’ ward cliché- we were engaged a week after our first date, and married four months later. Our girls came to us fairly quickly, and because of their births, I developed a passion for birth and the more “crunchy” side of things. It took a lot of fertility treatments and a late miscarriage to conceive our son, and during that long break, I trained as a doula and started attending births and assisting women in labor. It quickly developed into something I loved and am very passionate about. Unfortunately, having four young kids isn’t exactly conducive to the “on-call” lifestyle that being a doula requires, and I’ve had to hang up my doula hat for a while. I’m pretty big into a lot of the “natural parenting” ideals- we love breastfeeding, homebirthing, and we recently made the decision to pull our girls out of school next year and start a homeschooling journey. I imagine this will contribute to a lot of fun, chaos, and interesting stories for the blog next year. That is, if I can find time to sit down and write about them!

Put your feet up and stay a while.  And for heaven's sake, leave a comment or two so that I know you were here!
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