Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The obligatory Fourth of July picture post

I think vacation picture-posts might be the modern day equivalent of the "sit down and watch our two-hour slide show from our camping trip" of years ago.

But secretly, I always liked slide shows.   So here you go, like it or not.

My parents have a second home in Torrey, Utah, just outside of Capitol Reef National Park.  It's an amazing place, with plenty of space for several grown siblings and their families to crash.  The property is also in the middle of some of what I'm convinced is the most beautiful scenery ever created.  Plus, it's only about three hours away, which makes it a perfect destination.  We've been making treks there since the kids were tiny, and I can chronicle their growth by the pictures we take in the same place every year. This year, my sister and her family were able to come, making it extra exciting.

One of the best things about it is the All-American small-town Fourth of July, complete with the parade that turns around and comes back after it's finished.  This year, Abby decided she wanted to bring her violin and play before the parade to help her earn money for her performing trip to Europe next summer.
She made almost $60 in just under an hour of playing.  There might be more busking in her future- she thought it was about the best thing ever.

And once again, Tom found himself with a face full of pie in the pie-eating contest

And just like last year, Max fell asleep from the sheer excitement of it all.

We spent plenty of time at the lake, where we found you can't drag Max out of the water even if his lips are blue and he has goosbumps the size of mountains,

The girls caught fish,

And Tom didn't, but not from lack of trying.

We played in more water,

then found our friends the Aardemas and dragged them and their kids to the lake too.

Yes, we wore our children and ourselves out.  So much so that the baby even fell asleep saying his prayers.

And now, despite the 14 loads of sand-filled laundry that awaits me, I am so glad to be home.  At least for another day or two, when we'll be ready for another vacation.


  1. That last photo of Max cracked me up! Looks like you all had a wonderfully exhausting time! We relaxed and never even bought fireworks. Completely casual. But it was what I needed.

    Take care!

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