Tuesday, January 13, 2009

So I'm doing it

Yup, I'm here. I'm officially a blogger. I've resisted for a while now, thinking that I didn't have anything unique to say, or that I was too technologically challenged to write a blog. (This issue remains to be seen.) But as part of a New Year's resolution, I've decided to jump on the blog bandwagon and type my thoughts out into cyberspace for all to read and enjoy. Or laugh at. Or roll their eyes at. Or whatever.

I'm not even sure what form this blog will take. Some of my friends have blogs devoted to birth related topics. I'm sure I'll do some of that. Some friends have blogs devoted to their kids, or all about Suzuki violin, or filled with pictures of the grand happenings of their family. I might do some of that. What I can guarantee won't be here is pictures of my scrapbook pages, (I don't scrapbook,) descriptions of parties held for every conceivable occasion, (I'm not that great at celebrating holidays, and I don't take nearly as many pictures as I should,) or pictures of my spotlessly clean and decorated house. (Yeah, my house is never spotless, and unless I suddenly win a visit from an HGTV design team, it won't be perfectly decorated any time soon.) So what will be here? Who knows. I'll probably be surprised too.

So who am I? First, I'm a wife and a mom. I have my husband, Tom, 7 year old Abby, 5 year old Ashlynn, and 2 month old Max. I love my kids dearly, and being their mom comes with all the usual chaos and busy-ness that you would expect. Some days I feel like I've got a handle on the mom thing, other days I wonder what I got myself into. (Hence the blog title- What did I think was going to happen when I had three kids?) I'm a doula, and although I'm not attending births right now, (a nursing 2 month old makes the on-call life a little hard) its still a big part of who I am. I'm passionate about all things relating to pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding, and never met a book about any of those topics that I didn't have to read! I'm also a Suzuki violin teacher and love being able to work with my violin students one on one to help them discover music making. Drop in my house any given morning or afternoon and you're likely to hear violin music of some kind.

So there ya go. Enjoy, comment, commiserate, whatever you feel like doing. Its going to be a fun ride.


  1. I'm so excited Stacy because I will love hearing how you juggle teaching and kids because that's what I juggle. And I'm so glad your pictures won't have a spotless house because, well, we make a trade off don't we when we teach and we love it!!

  2. Welcome to Bloggerdom! :) So glad I get to keep in touch with you this way! Miss seeing you every week...

  3. oh, it's all good.
    Mine is just basically whatever I feel like typing about. I've talked about outings, homebirth stuff, my feelings and even a recipe :) I really just want someone to read what I am thinking.


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