Thursday, June 11, 2009


When Max tipped over this morning while he was sitting on the bed watching me brush my teeth, I didn't think anything of it. A minute or two later, when I noticed he was completely asleep, I laughed and figured I was being blessed by the Gods of sleep since we have had such a rough week. When Max fell asleep on my lap during the girls swimming lessons, I knew we had something else cooking. Him, to be exact. At a nice toasty temperature of 103.5.

I'm not a panicky freak out mom when it comes to my kids' illnesses. More often than not, I let a fever run its course, and its typically over and done in a day or two. I'm not a germaphobe, and I'm definitely not a neat freak. However, that's all changed when it comes to Max and his crazy long health history. When I saw his temperature it was all I could do to not rush him to the pediatrician right then.

The good news is, he's still acting relatively normal. The last time he spiked a fever and we were readmitted to the hospital, he was crying inconsolably, and nothing would make him happy. Today he just been a little whiny, a little clingy (this translates roughly into him screaming bloody murder every time I leave the room!) and very sleepy. So as of right now, I'm repeating the mantra "Its just a virus" over and over again, and hoping against hope that we can weather this one without yet another trip to the hospital.

And for crying out loud, can't my poor little boy catch a break?


  1. So sorry. I hope he's doing better. Strider was running a fever last night as well. I always have to remind myself not to get freaked out "fevers are our friends." But it's still scary. And considering your situation with Max, I can only imagine. Hope he's doing better.

  2. I was just saying those words myself. "can't we ever get a break". I found your post on aspirating breast milk on the speacial needs board. We are currently concerned that our 8 month old might be doing the same. She is Hypotonic and so i already pump and syringe feed her at the breast. This sounds harder then bottle feeding, but IMHO it's not and I still get those close cuddles. I wanted to suggest (if you haven't got the problem taken care of already) that you talk to a lactation consultant to see if you have an overactive letdown reflex. I did and my first perfectly healthy child would pull off sputtering and coughing before I figured out some relatively easy fixes. Such as nursing on only one side per feeding. I really hope he gets well soon.
    Sorry, I know you don't really know me, I just really felt better knowing I'm not the only one going through some of this.


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