Friday, August 7, 2009

You know things will never again be the same when...

Yes, we once again find ourselves in the world of waking up at 3:00 am to find the baby in the bed next to us finding the baby giggling while practicing his newly-acquired crawling skills all over us. Or the world of poop smeared all over the carpet while Max tries to escape the diaper changes. The world of reminding the older girls 200 times a day that Polly Pocket shoes, pennies, and stinky dirty flip-flops do not belong on the floor because they will go right into the crawling baby's mouth. And the world of being just a little melancholy because my tiny little six pound baby boy is now a twenty-pound crawling little man.

(Oh and you have to pardon the messy floor in the background. Once your baby starts crawling, you know that your floor will never again remain picked up. Or at least that's what I tell myself as an excuse!)


  1. Go Max! Go! He's even got the "crawl and sit" down. So fun. And I have to laugh about your comment regarding the mess in the background. Can't tell you how many pictures I have avoided putting on my blog due to the mess in the background or at least have attempted to crop out the chaos. Wish it was that easy in real life:)

  2. How are you? Let's be both happy and sad together -- that's where I've been this week (sigh).

    And wishing you could make it to our Bloggers LNO. Enjoy your ward campout tomorrow!

    PS: My husband and sis in law also fiddle. Maybe we could arrange a Blogger's Fiddle night sometime? And nursing babies would be allowed, of course. ;)

    Hugs. I'm on the crazy side of things, too of late. Not sure how my husband puts up with my drama...he's a strong strong man.


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