Thursday, June 2, 2011

Three for Thursday

1. Three of my favorite stations:
-Glee!  This one has been on a lot lately.  What can I say?  Ian likes it when I sing showtunes at the top of my lungs! 
- Lily Allen, Regina Spektor, Coldplay.  Love it!
- Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

2. Three lessons learned since I have graduated from high school:
- Being the grownup isn't all the fun and freedom that you thought it was.
- You might not ever actually feel like the grownup.
- People are more important than things.  (Still working on this one.)

3. Three people I was remembering on Memorial Day:
- Both my grandmas, one who passed away about three years ago, and one recently.
- My two brothers who died almost three years ago.
- My sister, who lives too stinkin' far away!

4. Three favorite Youtube videos:
-This one.  But be warned, it's a little dirty.  And not at all appropriate for kiddos.  But it's really funny.
-This one has been making the rounds on Facebook.  It makes me smile because I don't remember the last time I slept without at least one little person next to me.

-There are lots of homebirth videos on Youtube, and I probably watched hundreds when I was pregnant.  Love this one.

5. Three bad habits
- Staying up too late when I have to teach lessons at 6:15 am.
- Playing too much on the iPhone.
- Eating just because it's there.

6. Three foods I will NEVER put in my mouth
- Olives
- Cottage Cheese  (I literally just shuddered thinking about it!)
- Shark/squid/eel  I love seafood, but for some reason, that just takes it a little bit too far!

7. Three things that sounded like a good idea at the time
- Buying a tiny townhome in 2008, thinking it was just going to be for a year and a half, two tops.
- Taking Max to Chick-fil-a.
- Taking the kids on a trip when my husband was in Germany.

8. Three things that make me a “mean mom” (aka a GOOD mom)
- Consistent Bedtimes. 
- Teaching responsibility through chores and music practicing.
- Letting them learn some things the hard way.

9.  Three Pictures:

 Ian, helping Mom fold the laundry.  The shot could also be called "Look at my cute dimple!"
 He was supposed to be sleeping.  He didn't get the memo.
This was a house in my neighborhood a few days ago.  Things that make you go "huh?"

10. Three things I'm supposed to do today:

- Teach lots of violin lessons.
- Fold laundry so that we all have clean undies to wear tomorrow.
- Start checking off my "to-do before we leave for Hawaii" list.  It's a long list.  But it's Hawaii.  I can work with a long to-do list.

OK, that was fun.  I got the idea from Wonderwoman, who got the idea from Evelyn, where I'm linking up.  Happy Thursday!

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  1. That last photo cracked me up!

    And I have GOT to explore Pandora!


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