Monday, July 11, 2011

Who's raising these kids anyway?

The good news: My girls, as well as my Mother in Law and Father in Law, are all still alive and enjoying each other.

The bad news: We're missing them.  Especially Max, who walks around daily calling "Abby!  Where are you?  Ashlynn!  Where are you?"  He misses his entertainment committee.  So do I, because frankly, you can only get climbed on by the two year for so long before it stops getting cute and starts getting really obnoxious.

The embarassing news: We were checking in with Grandma a few days ago and she told us: "Well, I just thought I should tell you that right after we got in the car and were starting to leave Grand Junction, almost the first words out of Ashlynn's mouth were 'Grandma, what's a c_ndom?'  I told her that was a discussion that she needed to have with her parents, but I just wanted you to know that she might be asking."

Nice job, Ashlynn.  Way to make us look like good, open minded, concerned parents who protect their children from all evil influences.

Well, now I know what we're going to be talking about when they get back... 


  1. HAHAHAHAH! Go Ashlynn. I love it.

  2. Well, you'd all have to be hiding in the basement for her not to read SOMETHING, somewhere. My "favorite" was always the dirty words those sweet teenagers wrote all over the playground, and my avid little reader asking me about all of them.

    But Grandma was a mom, too, and had her share of embarrassment brought on by her kiddos, I'm sure. ;)

  3. Ha, funny c____ question!! The timing of it all, couldn't have been better.

    Hope you guys are well & enjoying the summer. For us, it's going way too fast.


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