Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I'll just crawl under my rock now

So I have to know.

Have you ever had one of those days where you're feeling all put together and cute because you're wearing the cute new shirt you snagged when you were supposed to be back-to-school shopping, and then you're feeling proud of yourself because not only did you teach a bunch of violin lessons, but you practiced with two kids and then worked on grammar, vocabulary, math and spelling with them, and THEN you were ambitious/motivated/crazy enough to go to the post office, the copy store and the district office where you filled out your homeschooling affidavit,(gulp),only to come home and find the size sticker for that snazzy new shirt is still stuck on your shirt right over your right boob?

Me neither. That would be incredibly embarrassing.

(It was the left boob. And it might explain the looks of pity and the "You must have your hands full!" comments I got everywhere I went today.)


  1. Yes. At BYU, I went an entire day all over campus, came home and realized I left the long size sticker that repeats the number 10 times on my new jeans, down the back of my right thigh.

    I had no children. I was just stupid.


  2. Oh. HA! That made me smile. I hear ya.

  3. He He He! Who cares? You totally rocked the party today, and that was just the sacrifice you had to make!

  4. My prayer for you today is that the sticker on the shirt always be the worst of your oversights. :)

    Good job on getting all that stuff done, you are awesome!!!


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