Thursday, February 9, 2012

A week of firsts

We've had our share of stupid medical issues. Some trivial, some not so trivial, and everything in between.
But when my baby started barking like a seal on Sunday night, I knew we were in for something different. Monday morning at the doctor brought a diagnosis of croup and a dose of steroids for Ian. Before Ian came along, we had never really done respiratory illnesses. So I figured one case of croup after 10 1/2 years of parenting wasn't too bad.

Then Tuesday night hit. Tom had taken the girls to a 6:00 basketball game. By 6:15, I realized I wasn't feeling very good. By 6:45, I was under a layer of blankets with my teeth chattering. By 7:10, when my husband came home, I was shaking and bawling, begging him to bring me more blankets. I laid there under four huge blankets and a heating pad, still freezing, thinking for sure that it was a vicious flu bug.

Turns out mastitis can mimic the flu quite well. And after 6 1/2 cumulative years of breastfeeding, it's another first I could do without. I haven't been this sick in a long time, and it's extra sucky to have the sick baby wanting to nurse from a breast that's hard as a rock and fiery red.

As for Ian, he's been running a fever constantly since Monday, cranky as can be, and was coughing so hard last night that we took turns puking. I was kind enough not to puke on him, he did not extend me the same courtesy. And just because Max is feeling left out, he's barking like a dog tonight too. I expect all three of us will be seeing our good friends the pediatricians tomorrow morning.

You know it's an extra special week when your budget for copays is larger than your budget for groceries.


  1. Oh yes, I often tell moms that mastitis feels like the flu. And you're actually more likely to get mastitis if there is sickness in the house. It sucks. I hope everything goes back to normal soon! Take your time getting back into things. And hugs.

  2. Oh wow! We have lots of experience with croup at our house, Dallin got it every single year until he was seven. The last episode landed him in the hospital for two days. So scary! I hope all of you get feeling better very soon!

  3. We have had TONS of croup here. My now 7-year-old has gotten it several times every winter since he was a baby. He hasn't gotten it yet this year (crosses fingers) but my 4-year-old went a round with it a couple months ago. Amazingly enough, even in my limited nursing experience, I had mastitis once and it was seriously horrible. I hoe you all feel better soon.

  4. Mastitis is awful! Sorry it made you sick. Mom and kids should never be sick at the same time. It is hard enough taking care of sick little ones when you're feeling well. I hope everything clears up quickly for you guys.


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