Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Sometimes I think "Enduring to the End" should just mean making it through bedtime with everyone alive.

Sometimes I firmly believe that four kids versus one parent at bedtime is a completely unfair ratio. 

Sometimes it's really hard to bite your lip and be an adult when the three year old yells "I don't like you right now, Mommy!"

Sometimes I skip brushing said three year old's teeth for all the above reasons.

Sometimes you read four verses of scriptures and say a hurried prayer while the baby screams his guts out, then feel guilty for hours later for not staying patient and kind during the bedtime routine.

Sometimes I think Diet Coke and chocolate chip cookies should be considered medicine. 

Sometimes I wonder if I ever won't be tired and cranky.
And then sometimes, we take a walk on a perfect spring evening.
And throw rocks in the irrigation ditch, listening to the little boys laugh hysterically.
And sometimes I catch little moments like this, and realize that I must be doing something right in the midst of all the chaos. And I'm grateful.


  1. Oh my gosh, that picture of Ashlynn and Ian is about the most adorable thing I've ever seen. Just when you want to kill them they do something to totally redeem themselves!

  2. I think all of your wishes here are the same ones most of us feel in our own ways.

    I had a friend tell me once that she defines "enduring to the end" as "enduring to the end of the day."

    Best wishes!


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