Thursday, June 14, 2012

Boys and Baseball

Max used to be obsessed beyond belief with basketball. From the time he was about 16 months old, he was practicing his jump shot in our living room with a little tykes basketball hoop.

But his latest and greatest obsession? Baseball.
He asks us at least 25 times daily to play baseball with him. And it's so hard to refuse when his little voice asks: "You can play baseball with me, Mommy?"
So on a perfect summer evening, the whole family got in the act.
Even me. Except then Max told me, "You're not very good at baseball, Mommy." So I stuck with taking the pictures and being the cheerleader.
We have discovered that both Ian and Max love pitching more than hitting. And Ian is left handed.
Which leaves Tom dreaming of two major league pitchers.
Not a bad retirement plan, eh?

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