Monday, March 18, 2013

In Which I Reveal the Extent of my Craziness...

I have four children. This is a lot, did you know?

Let's be honest here. There are many times that the volume level in my house rivals a jet engine at takeoff. Often, my day consists of triage-ing the needs of my four children and deciding which screaming child, which bickering pair of kids, which gigantic mess needs my attention first. There are very few things that I avoid so strenuously as I do as a trip to the grocery store (or heaven forbid, Wal-Mart!) with my herd of children. At least once a day week I hide myself behind a locked bathroom door just to get a minute to compose my thoughts.

After finally getting pregnant with Max, I swore up and down that we were done, all the time knowing that we were supposed to have at least one more. Then Ian snuck in, completely unexpectedly, and when he was born, we finally felt whole, complete.

For a little while.

There's a long story behind the removal of my birth-control-of-choice, but all you really need to know (trust me) is that in the months since my fail-safe, don't-even-have-to-think-about-it birth control method has been gone, I've been filled with the unmistakable knowledge that our family isn't complete. I've tried to deny it. I've looked around at our chaos and wondered what I could possibly be thinking. I finally got up the courage to mention it to my husband, expecting that he would tell me that I was crazy insane.

Except then he didn't.

(This is hard for me to even write about, because I fully expect that virtually everyone who reads this will think me totally insane. I think I'm totally insane, if that makes you feel any better. One of the reasons I've been so absent from this blog for so long is because I haven't had the courage to sit down and write about it for fear of ridicule and people telling me that I've completely gone off the deep end. Trust me, it's not anything I don't know.)

We know there's a girl that needs to join our family, and we feel her absence from our family keenly. There have been many times in the past few months that I've been making dinner while Abby practices upstairs, Ashlynn practices downstairs and the two little boys are playing literally at my feet, and I look around, panicking because I don't know where the baby is. It always takes me a minute to realize that there's no baby. When we're out and about and I do the kid head count, I frequently have to remind myself that I have only four kids, not five, and don't need to go running around like a crazy lady because I've lost a kid that doesn't exist. (Further proof that I've lost it: when I typed that last sentence, I typed "only five kids." See, told ya.) My husband has had similar experiences.

But it gets better. Tom and I equally as convinced that this baby is not coming from us. This has been hard for me. While I don't love being pregnant, I love little babies, and would gladly cuddle a newborn daily for the rest of forever.  But we've known since shortly after we were married that someday we would do foster care and/or adopt a child, and we can't deny any more that this is the right time to pursue it.

There are many reasons why  we shouldn't do this, chief among them being that I already have an entire herd of children, two of which I'm homeschooling, and a whopping 22 violin students. I've been immersing myself in foster care and adoption blogs, and I've learned that above all, foster care can be incredibly unpredictable, which scares the daylights out of my control freak self.  I'm worried about how it may change the dynamics of my family, and how it may affect my girls if we have a disrupted placement. I'm worried about the chaos that may result from suddenly adding a new member to the family, and how we'll manage everything that comes with a foster placement.

But for as many reasons as there are not to do it, there are reasons why we should. While I joke about how crazy our house is, there is a lot of fun here. Good food, lots of music, many laughs, much love. I am not afraid of special medical needs, and I know that we have many blessings to share.

We're meeting with someone from Utah Foster Care Thursday night. We have a million questions. We're nervous, we're probably a little naive, we're more than a little green behind the ears. Yes, we may be a little crazy. But above all, we're excited to follow this path and see where we end up.

Any tips? Anyone have experiences doing foster care? We'd love to hear from you.


  1. I am happy for you and your family. This is a topic that is near and dear to my heart and something my husband and I have talked/prayed about. For what it's worth, there is at least one person out here who doesn't think your crazy.

  2. Go Stacy Go! You already know I fully support this endeavor.

  3. I know you'll make a great foster/adoptive mom! All those attachment-parenting skills will be just what your new child needs, even if you can't breastfeed them.

  4. Stacy....
    Although many in this world would consider you "crazy insane" for desiring another baby--I've known of them!!--I do not. See, my parents had four children. And we have known of some families with far more kids than that!! Children are a blessing.... ;)
    Wait. What?! You home school?! So did we!! That was the best decision my parents ever made!! Especially because of my learning disabilities. ;-D
    Foster care!! Wow!! I have a huge heart for adoption!! You and your family will be in my prayers!! Keep us updated on any progress, okay? This is exciting!! ;)

  5. Stacy, I admire people who open their homes for foster children and adoption. I don't think you are crazy at all! I think any child would be blessed to be part of your loving family. Keeping you and your family in my prayers.

  6. You'll be great foster parents!! And you're NOT crazy!!!

  7. Prayers for you guys as you travel this path. Jim and I were on our way to being certified as foster parents before the boys came along. They present the information very 'as it is' because they want you to be prepared - so it all does sound very intense at the beginning. Do not let the negativity of others get in the way of what you and your family know is right for you!

  8. I. Love. It. I can't wait to hear more and follow you guys on this new adventure.


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