Friday, August 16, 2013

Is this thing on?

So this crazy insane life of mine doesn't leave much time for sitting at a computer. And while I honestly aim to blog more often than every four months, (oh my holy heavens!) sometimes you just gotta do a great big dump of photos, not even in any particular order and call yourself caught up.

So this summer that's nearly over? It has been, and forever will be forever after referred to as the summer of Swiss Miss.
These girls have performed everywhere. It turns out that preparing a singing and dancing program with 5 10-12 year olds takes a ton of time, energy, and general schlepping everywhere.
 We learned more about setting up, dismantling, and driving a float in parades than we ever thought there was to know. (Six parades down, one more to go!)
Their biggest event is yet to come when Swiss Days arrives in a few weeks.
It's a little bit like I have 4 extra daughters for the summer.
I never knew it would be so much work. Honestly. But I look at this and realize it's worth it. Every bit.

 Ashlynn even landed herself on the front page of the Sunday Newspaper after the Days of '47 Childrens' Parade.
We've had other adventures too. In May, Abby and I went on tour with Rocky Mountain Strings. It was three days of buses, performances, and amazing fun.
Ian wants to take after his sister.
And he got a haircut, which I fully admit to regretting immediately.
 Max's blonde locks, however, are as long and curly as ever.
June marked our yearly trip to violin institute.
Where Abby played violin approximately ten hours a day,
  And I had a solo on the tublular bells. (Don't ask. My life is weird.)
Ashlynn's 10th birthday was at the end of June. (How she is 10, I don't know. Someone will need to explain this to me at some point.) We had a giant party with 20 of her closest friends and a lot of water.
She asked for and received a bow and arrow set.
Which, as it turns out, she's really good at.
In July, we returned to Torrey for our annual Fourth of July Celebration. This time it included time with cousins, which was extra fun.
Abby gained quite a following when she played her violin on Main Street before the parade.
She earned enough money playing the violin this summer to buy herself her very own iPod. She's very proud.

We've played in the water, and I decided that little boys with swim trunks that don't stay up are my favorite.
And sometimes, we just stayed at home and ate popscicles, because what else do you do in the summertime?

  Oh. And this happened. Which shocked the pants off of me and my husband. Just as I had made up my mind that another baby wasn't going to completely ruin our lives, I miscarried. And miscarriages suck. I'll write more about this another time. 

So there you have it. The summer of Swiss Miss and all. It's hard to believe that summer is basically over and it's back to the school routine next week. We're holding on to our hats and getting ready for another year of homeschooling. And maybe a few deep breaths.

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  1. Stacy....
    Wow!! You do sound busy!! I am overwhelmed and exhausted just reading about your adventures!! Ashlynn was featured in the newspaper?! She is famous!! ;-D
    Aw!! Max!! My Kindred Spirit "Cranio" Buddy!! I love, love, love curls in guys!! ;)
    Happy tenth birthday, Ashlynn!! ;-D
    Abby earned enough money to buy her own i-Pod?! She should be proud!! Aren't those things expensive? ;)
    Aw!! Butt crack!! Hee, hee, hee.... ;-D
    I am so very sorry about your miscarriage!! I've never experienced one, but we've known of women who have. And you are correct. They do suck!! ;)
    Hugs!! ;-D


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