Monday, July 27, 2009

Fashion Sense

Sometimes, I get in arguments with Abby about clothes. Mostly about what does and doesn't match, and what is and isn't appropriate. The other day, she came downstairs wearing this outfit.

She couldn't understand why I made her go upstairs to change. I told her I'd take a picture to show her when she was thirteen. She'll thank me later. (Or at least that's what I tell myself!)


  1. Heehee! Dallin's favorite used to be plaid shorts with striped shirts, but he's grown out of that. The fact that he will now only wear jeans or basketball shorts kind of cuts out alot of the really bad clothes combos.

  2. I admit, rather than make her change I'd probably just hand her a button to know, the button that says "I dressed myself today" that you usually see on toddlers. LOL!

    She clearly has a decent sense of color...and truthfully I have met adults who don't *get* it about mixing patterns. I have seen plaids mixed with stripes or dots quite a few times recently in always makes me gag a little, but maybe it's in style?!

  3. My mom always called those "character building" outfits. And she let us wear them. And now that I'm older I'm wishing she would have encouraged me to build a little less character.

  4. what, there's something wrong with that outfit :)
    I've done that kind of stuff with my boys.


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