Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Helpful Vacation hints

Words of wisdom from our Fourth of July vacation that I thought I would most generously pass on to all 2 of you that read this blog.

Helpful hint #1: If you are a nursing mom, and you anticipate that you might be riding a four wheeler over some bumpy trails, do yourself a favor and buy a good supportive sportsbra. Just trust me. You, your nursing babe, and most likely your husband will thank me later.

Helpful hint #2: On a sunny day, when you are going to be four-wheeling, boating, and just hanging out in the sunin general, bring the sunscreen. And so you know, bringing the sunscreen isn't enough. Neither is making sure that each of your family members has been slathered in so much sunscreen that they're starting to take on a creamy-white appearance. In order to avoid your skin turning roughly the color of a fire engine, you have to remember to actually put the sunscreen on yourself. Who would have thought? (I'm a smart one, I is. A very, very sunburned smart one.)

1 comment:

  1. I did that at the beach in CA last weekend. I put sunscreen on all my children (though the sun proved me to be very poor at this indeed) but forgot myself. Oops. I feel your pain.


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