Thursday, October 22, 2009

Who needs toys?

Who needs toys?

When you have a laundry basket...

Full of recently washed, clean clothes

To scatter around the house?

Is it too early to start teaching him to fold them and put them away?  Its a milestone right? I thought it went crawling, walking, then folding laundry....


  1. Fresh clean laundry is one of my favorite things. Sometimes I still snuggle in a fresh from the dryer load to warm up.

    My kids love it too.

  2. No, no, that's crawling, walking, UNfolding laundry, so why bother folding it at all? In fact, I'm considering a fun-house approach to clean laundry. You know those bouncy things full of the plastic colored balls? It'll be like that. I'll get rid of all the kid's dressers and dump clean laundry in a big pile for the kids to dig through when they need something. (To tell you the truth, that's basically what it's been like the last few weeks, I just haven't made it the official strategy yet.)


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