Friday, March 5, 2010

This is what happens when I sit on the couch all day long


Sick, sick, sick.

And not just any kind of sick.  It's keep your husband home from work because you can't take care of your baby sick, your whole body aches so sleeping isn't any better than being awake sick, spend the whole day watching HGTV while watching your toddler and husband destroy the house and not caring because the only thing you're worried about is hoping you don't have to run to the bathroom to vomit yet again sick. 


And of course, it has to happen the week before my student's violin recital, and the day I'm supposed to start a brand new violin student, so the lesson cancellations today came at an especially convenient time.

I've been joking that the month of March might kill me with all the violin events, and getting ready for yet another major surgery, but apparently March and whatever horrible flu bug this is decided to act early and put me out of my misery.

So in the meantime, rather than bemoaning the fact that I feel like I've been hit by a train, I bring you pictures found on the memory card of my girl's camera.   Abby and Ashlynn have their own digital camera, and sometimes, I'm not all that diligent about downloading the pictures.  Yesterday, I hooked it up to my computer and found these little gems. 

I think we have at least 257 pictures of Abby making this exact expression as she captures her own self-portrait.
And this just makes me laugh.  Someday, we'll break out treasures like this to show Ashlynn's dates.  Can't wait.
Max with the best babysitter in the whole world.  Who just happens to be moving to Alabama in a few weeks.  Doesn't her mother understand there are rules?  Rules!  You can't just take someone's babysitter and move them all the way across the country!  What about me and my needs?  Sigh.
This is my husband's car after it got hit yet again.  Apparently, it's incredibly hard to back out of a driveway in my neighborhood without hitting my husband's car.  And it's even harder to actually report it when it happens!  Because, you know, it obviously the car's fault for just sitting there innocently.  And of course, we would love to pay for the repairs.  It's a good thing that spring is coming soon so that the money tree in the backyard will start sprouting again.
Not sure what's happening here.  But it's cute.  My only question is, what are all the little dogs watching? 


  1. So sorry you have been sick. :(. Those pics are precious.

    I am an HGTV junkie.

  2. Oh man! Seriously? I'm sorry you're sick! You definitely need some chocolate.
    Cute pics! My kids do the same thing with our camera all the time!

  3. Thanks for peeking at my little blog! Those pictures are cute. My kids are always stealing mine and taking random pics.

    That bites you're THAT sick. Hang in there. An try regular Sprite. Might help to settle that nasty stomach.


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