Saturday, October 9, 2010

One of those rare times a mom likes to hear the word "no"

We had a follow up ultrasound yesterday. And while I am generally sick of hearing "no," especially when it comes from my obstinate not-quite two year old, I was thrilled to hear "no" twice from the perinatogist yesterday:

There is NO evidence of craniosynosyosis in this baby! Siblings with cranio are extremely rare, but then again, much of what we have been through with Max is. I was very relieved to see a normal head shape and several open skull sutures. (And it was more than a little fun to shock the perinatologist by identifying the saggital suture on the ultrasound. Being an obsessive researcher has it's privileges.)

And there is NO more worry about placenta previa. The placenta has very obediently moved up and out of the way.

Oh and one other no. NO, I didn't peek at the baby's gender. I wanted to, but the ultrasound technician remembered me, and remembered that we didn't want to find out. Busted. Buy we've made it this far, we can make it six more weeks, right?

I was going to upload what has to be the Cutest Ultrasound Pic ever, but my scanner has decided that it no longer needs to do it's job. Much like my van, which sputtered to a stop about 10 miles from home this afternoon without warning while I was carrying 5 violinists home from rehearsal. I was tempted to send them all out to play their violins on the side of the road to see if they could earn the money for what is probably going to be an expensive repair, but then decided that probably wasn't the educational experience their parents are paying me for. Too bad, because it would have made for a very funny post.


  1. I am very glad for all the NO's you heard today!!! Congrats...

  2. Yea for the "no" stuff. Not so much for the van breakdowns. Ug. Love the old American minivans. Especially the red ones...

  3. i know everybody is saying it, but YAY!! on an all-good ultrasound!

  4. My goodness. I'm glad everything is great with the baby. I love your optimism on the "6 more weeks" ... keep thinking positive!

    And, when you gonna catch a break, sista? If it's not one thing, it's another... I guess that's called life.

    Glad I saw you for a minute yesterday!

  5. Wait, you only have 6 weeks left??? How is that possible! Holy stink!

    I'm so glad everything is looking good!

    And I can't believe you're not finding out the gender.

    I'd go stark raving mad!

  6. Huzzah for Nos!!! Glad you are waiting to find out the baby's gender, too, what a treat it will be!

    PS: Next time you're stopped roadside with a bunch of violinists, I dare you to play along with them, that could end up on YouTube & make you all famous!!


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