Thursday, September 30, 2010

This is what happens when I haven't had an adult to talk to in a while

Due the fact that I feel about 17 months pregnant, I have a chronic inablility to focus on something for more than about 3.2 seconds.  So a post with coherent thoughts, or maybe even a point?  Not happening tonight.  So here you have it: a collection of the minutiae that is my life right now.  (And as a side note, don't you love that word?  It makes me feel intelligent just to use it.  Despite the fact  that I just had to switch over the Word to use the spell checker so I could actually spell it right...)

My laptop is dying a slow, painful death.  It's very sad, really.  It gives me anywhere from 10 seconds to about 10 minutes of use before it goes black with absolutely no warning or provocation. There's no computer repair money in the budget right now, ("Yes, ma'am, I'll look at your computer, but it costs at least $127 to glance in its direction, and we charge by the blink.) and I'm pretty sure I'll go into a deep state of mourning when it does actually kick the bucket.  Stupid technology.

My second grader's spelling words are harder than the third grader's.  Strange.

Does anyone else hate school fundraisers as much as I do?  The kids come home from school completely hyped up about prizes, prizes, prizes  they can win from selling crappy wrapping paper/overpriced chocolates/collecting walk-a-thon pledges from everyone they know, and immediately start begging to sell/collect/whatever.  What they don't get, (and the lovely fundraising people neglect to tell them) is that everyone else they know is also selling crappy wrapping paper/overpriced chocolates/collecting walk-a-thon pledges, making the whole thing an excercise in fultilty.  You then proceed to try to explain this to your child, whereupon they collapse in a puddle of tears, proclaiming that they're going to DIE if they don't earn enough money to get the free donut coupon and the package of Silly Bands.  Am I a bad mom if I ignore the fundraiser and buy the kiddos a donut and a packet of silly bands?

And while we're on the subject of silly bands, seriously?  File that under the "Ideas I should have had so I could make a million dollars and retire" category.  Sheesh.  I have at least one in depth conversation about silly bands with a child or violin student at least once a day.   On the bright side, the morning routine is running a lot more smoothly with the added bribe incentive of silly bands for good attitudes during practice time.

I went to Babies R Us yesterday, and spent entirely too much time ooh-ing and ahh-ing over every baby supply imaginable.  You would think that this being my fourth baby that I would be immune to all the tiny cuteness and matching absolutely everything.  (Don't you know you're a bad mom if your baby's bib doesn't match her crib bedding?  Don't you need to spend an entire's months' salary so that your newborn can have a crib that she can take to college with her?)  I think there's something in the pregnancy hormones that make you completely hypnotized by impossibly tiny socks in all the colors of the rainbow.  I escaped with my checking account relatively unscathed, although I do admit to buying two little tiny newborn outfits- one with baseballs, and one with seriously cute pink flowers- that will fit the new baby whoever he or she is for approximately 2.3 minutes before they grow out of it.  But every baby needs something new to come home from the hospital in, right? 

Speaking of babies, I have given this baby official notice that he or she has exactly 38 weeks to gestate and that's all.  None of this 40 or 42 weeks crap.  My pregnancies have gotten progressively shorter, so I've decided 38 weeks is about right.  The funny part is 38 weeks puts me right about Thanksgiving Day.  Not a bad day to have a baby, right?  So 38 weeks it is.  Think it'll work?  (It'll take a miracle.)  (Bonus points and my everlasting admiration if you get the movie reference.)

Speaking of babies, again, (you would think I was an obsessed pregnant woman or something!) I have an ultrasound next week to check baby's skull sutures and monitor the marginal previa.  I'm still dying to know boy or girl.  I wondering if it would be so bad to ask them to take a quick peek?  I could just keep it a secret from my husband and everyone I know for the next two months, right?

Max is officially obsessed with the iPhone.  Frustratingly so.  In fact, in his nearly two-year-old brain, I am not even allowed to talk on it, because it is his phone.  So if you are brave enough to call me, be prepared for a lot of toddler screaming very loud protesting going on in the background.  I'm trying to decide if I'm going to try to break the addiction or just give in. 

And just because I can, a gratuitously cute picture of the little iPhone addict.
Because it's important to always be fashionable, even in the bathtub.


  1. Stacy, feel free to email/facebook me about your laptop. If it is software related, I might be able to walk you through some stuff. If it is a hard drive dying or something like that, I can only help find a new one. But, I might at least be able to troubleshoot a few things for you. :)

  2. Movie reference: Princes Bride, Miracle Max and his wife. Question: what on earth are silly bands? It's true, I never know about the fads. I consider them to be minutiae. ;)

  3. Fundraiser - I throw the catalogs straight in the trash when the kids get them. Fortunately neither of mine have any desire to do them. They forget about the prizes quickly.

    Silly bands - Never heard of them. Sounds like a good thing?

    Thanksgiving - Great day to have a baby, as long as you don't get upset about missing dinner. No one is getting induced that day, so you have the hospital relatively to yourself. I didn't want to miss dinner, so I MADE MYSELF a Thanksgiving dinner the Saturday two days after Thanksgiving. That was stupid.

    Movie reference - I am SO in tune with the Princess Bride that even as I was reading what you wrote, I was reading it IN MIRACLE MAX'S/WIFE'S VOICE!!

  4. We mourned when my laptop died. someday it will be replaced. maybe. My husband's birthday is November 27, and he almost never had to go to school on his birthday in his life. That was a bonus for him.

    Have fun storming the castle.

  5. I knew it was Princess Bride, but I know you already admire me, so you can keep your "Ho There!!!" :)

    Just kidding! I totally get the annoyance w/ silly bands, but I'm about to buy some to bribe my students with...

    YES, you need a new outfit for Baby.
    YES, you should find out what it is!
    YES, Thanksgiving Day would be a great day to have a baby.

    Hang in there! HUGS!

  6. It is so fun to shop for baby accessories! Now I am awaiting an announcement of grandmotherhood for me, and then I will jump right back on that speeding train with a big smile on my face.

    Yeah, school fundraisers are rough.

  7. I've had thoughts of a Thanksgiving Day baby too! I've already got one child born on a holiday, and the birthmom was born on a major holiday too. So the precedent is set, Thanksgiving it should be!

    And shopping for babies? Totally worth it!

    And yes, I think you should sneak and find out the gender!

  8. I hope you have your baby soon, because 17 months pregnant is kind of okay, but 18 months is just too much to ask of a person.

  9. Socks the colors of the rainbow, yes, I remember those days, I was smitten, too.

    And I hate school fundraisers, in fact, this year we're trying something different. I promised the kids we'll support the school by buying books @ the Book Fairs, but nothing else, unless it's a school carnival. That's that. :)

    Happy week, hope you are feeling well & not running around too much.

    PS: From one I-Phone addict to another, loved that pic!

  10. I hate fundraisers, too. Pay twice as much for half the quality? Not to mention trying to buy enough for 5 kids to get a (totally cheap) prize- no way. I gave up on them after my first couple years of kids in school.


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