Sunday, January 9, 2011

I might not have to turn in my two weeks' notice after all

Being a mom to a new baby is a thankless job.

First, there's the labor and delivery, which I'm (obviously) still not talking about.

Then there are the infamous sleepless nights.

Add to that the sore nipples.

And the leaking breastmilk.

And the approximately 47 diapers you change a day.

Don't forget that the baby won't let you put him down most of the time,

And refuses to nap on any kind of predictable schedule,

So you become hopelessly behind on laundry,

Grocery shopping,

And you start to consider peanut butter and jelly a well rounded meal because that's what the girls can unearth the ingredients to and actually make themselves without burning down the kitchen.

Having a newborn means constantly having a little person attached to you.

And never feeling like you have a moment to yourself.

It means constantly teetering in a state of exhaustion, where you're not sure when you last showered, what day of the week it is, or even what your first name is.

But this.  This is my paycheck.
 And this is my bonus.

I love my job.  


  1. No wonder you love it! That is one cute kid!!!

  2. Oh Stacy - he is so adorable. I'm so happy for you guys. And I'm sorry you're in the throws of newborn chaos, but I'm glad you're enjoying your "paycheck."

  3. You have an awesome job, indeed!

  4. Our Ezra just started smiling this week and it's just lovely. But I agree. There is much laundry. SO MUCH LAUNDRY!

  5. And what a job it is, you're doing a fine one, girl! The time moves, on lightning wings, just keep that in mind. :)

  6. How sweet! I love my job too. All the great times make up for the not so great times.


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