Wednesday, January 5, 2011

In which I buy stock in Pampers, Huggies and

Enquiring minds want to know:

Just how can two tiny humans make so much poop?

And how do they know to always do it at the same time?

And why is it always when I'm trying to do 57 other things?  (Finish the practicing, pack the lunches, will you please find your snow boots, your ride is here you have to go NOW!)

Anybody know how many diapers it takes to fill up a landfill?  Beacuse I'm well on my way.

(Yes, I know.  I'm a "crunchy" mom.  I should be using cloth diapers.  I know I should.  But I realized a long time ago that I only have so much time and energy, and I can't even accomplish the laundry that's already mine to do, let alone adding in a few more loads of diapers. Plus, my husband told me (and I fully 100% believe him) that if we switched to cloth he would never change another diaper.  Do I feel guilty?  A little bit.  Enough to switch to cloth.  Nope.) 


  1. It's all test, S, and I think you are passing.

    I certainly don't miss the diaper stuff.

  2. Maybe it's good that they're pooping at the same time. At least it's not: #3 poops. Wait 10 minutes. #4 poops. Wait ten minutes. #3 poops again. (I'm just looking for a bright side. Sorry, that appears to be all I've got.)

    Cloth diapers are completely overrated. The germs. Oh, the germs. And then you'd just have to buy stock in Clorox and fabric softener.


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