Monday, March 21, 2011

11 Years and look what it gets us

Last week, Tom and I celebrated our 11th anniversary.

Yup, eleven years.

And celebrate in grand fashion we did. 

After I successfully retrieved our lovely red van from the shop where it had its torque converter replaced for the second time, I ran to meet my husband for lunch, with grand visions of sushi rolls combined with deep and profound conversation.

Instead, we ended up hanging out at Tom's work for a while while everyone ogled our cute baby, stopping at a church where I'm trying to arrange a concert for my daughter's performing group, driving by a houses for rent and peering in the windows, nursing the baby in the front seat of the van in the Whole Foods parking lot, and scarfing down Orange Chicken from Panda Express.  Our ten minute lunch conversation alternated between the scintillating topics of "Who is taking which kid where this weekend?", and "Wait?  Where's Max?" 

I dropped Tom back off at work, and drove back to Abby's school to watch the famed 3rd grade Disney Program. Well, "watch" might be an exaggeration.  It really consisted more of me changing the leaky diapers of two boys, and then comforting one onery baby and trying to keep crazy Max from running on stage during "Kiss the Girl" than it did actually watching the program.  We then left as soon as the program was done to haul Abby to Salt Lake for her violin lesson and recital rehearsal, which we left a half hour early (much to her teacher's annoyance) to haul back to yet another run of the Disney program which we arrived to five minutes late, (much to another teacher's annoyance.)  I then drove home, changed into a skirt, drove to the stake center for an interview to renew my temple recommend, and finally arrived home just as Abby called to say she was done and needed a ride home.

Once the kids were finally in bed, we partied in grand fashion- Tom playing an xbox game and me falling asleep reading blogs.

Like I said, we partied.  We celebrated. Look what eleven years of marriage will do for you! 

Actually, we're headed to Hawaii in June, and are calling that our anniversary trip, so we're not as hopelessly unromantic, uncreative and uncelebratory (what?  It's a word!) as this post makes us sound.

And if you want to read our love story, it starts here.


  1. Congrats on 11 years!! Xbox & blog reading, I can at least relate to the latter!


  2. Congrats on 11 years! I love the picture at the first of the post, beautiful!

  3. Congrats on 11 years! I can relate to the video game playing & blogging too.

  4. Did you ever find Max? ;) My rude husband just pointed out to me that "Look you have 50 followers! But Stacy has 60!" So, for our anniversary he's going to buy me 10 more followers. :)

  5. We've had far too many anniversaries that look a lot like this.


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