Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Words to Live By

We try not to impose a lot of arbitrary rules for our kids.  Max, however, has taken some of the things we've said very much to heart. He tends to repeat these ad nauseum, especially when he's about to do the very thing we've warned him against. So today, we present to you Max's Rules for Living, by Max, age 2 1/2:

1. Don't pick nose.

2. No poop in bathtub.

3. No brush hair!

4. Shhh!  Ian's sleeping!

5. No cookies for breakfast.

6.  Don't touch the poop.

7. No throwing shoes church.  (He probably means no throwing shoes when at church.  He got in a little bit of trouble when he launched his shoes about three benches in front of us last week and beaned someone in the back of the head.)

8. No tantrums.

9. Don't break the phone.

10. (And most important, to us and to him, for vastly different reasons...) No go bed!

I feel like we might be living in Max's version of David Shannon's "No David!"

But I also admit to cracking up every morning when he's in the bathtub and reminds me "No poop in bathtub." I wholeheartedly agree.  Who said you learned everything you needed to know in kindergarten?  "Don't poop in the bathtub" seems like a pretty important rule to me!


  1. Sounds like our house...

    And I like Max's haircut.

    And I think you should brush his hair every now and again and take his picture. Afros are cool.

  2. Oh, how I wish #6 had been a rule at my house yesterday! Love your blog, Stacy and can't believe I haven't been over to visit before. I'll definitely come again. :)

  3. I still struggle with no cookies for breakfast, so I guess he is ahead of me!

  4. In everything that really matters, Max nails it!

  5. My middle daughter CONSTANTLY pooped in the bathtub -- it was horrendous, especially for her older sib.

    p.s. I'm over from Mommy Snark -- saw one of your comments and wanted to "meet" you :)

  6. Mmmm, some great rules but #5...I'm not so sure about, isn't that one rule meant to be broken?

    :) Happy Easter!!


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