Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Suzuki Square?

Anyone who has been around Suzuki music for any significant amount of time has undoubtedly heard about the "Suzuki Triangle."

The idea is that the teacher, parent and student all have equal responsibility for success. If any of the three corners of the triangle are missing, the likelihood of the student progressing or enjoying music is much smaller.

I realized this week that I might have a little helper on my side when Max went to the bottom of the stairs and started yelling at Abby at the top of his lungs. Abby was practicing the Fiocco "Allegro" and possibly making it sound more like the Fiocco "Presto," (You know you're a music geek if you understand that lame joke,) and Max decided he needed to help with the practicing.  After a few minutes, I finally figured out what he was yelling.

"Abby! Too fast! Turn on metronome!"

I about died laughing.

Maybe I can retire as the practice parent and hire Max as the Suzuki sibling. Obviously he knows exactly what to say. And he's not even three! (I'm so proud.)

And maybe at our house, we'll turn the triangle into a Suzuki Square. You know: parent, child, teacher, and overly helpful sibling.


  1. HA, I thought the fourth side was going to be the metronome!

  2. When is Max going to get his little 1/64th sized violin?

  3. What a fantastic idea! :) Cute little Max.

  4. Maybe he'll be a conductor someday...

  5. I love it! My little guy isn't quite so helpful, although he does clap energetically whenever she's done, even if she's stopped early, dissolved in tears because it didn't sound like she wanted it to.


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