Tuesday, September 13, 2011

To make a musician

I'm not sure that Ian has a choice in whether or not he'll play an instrument. His only dilemma will be which one to choose...


  1. Yeah--mine don't get a choice either :)

    How did the surgery go?

  2. Ahhh! How cute is that! And I love his face in the picture!

  3. LOL ... how many instruments are there to choose from for your no.4?

    Our no.4 says he wants to play all that his older 3 siblings do. So far, he's started on piano & violin (following after no.1 & 2). He still wants to play what no.3 does, but there's no fractional size for that instrument(chinese erhu) so he'd have to wait until he's at least 5-7yrs old. And then, would he like to do viola like what no.2 is doing now? *haha* All this really waits to be seen. ;D


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