Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Battle of the Sexes

I have quite a few friends with families of all boys. That is as foreign to me as my family with two of each is to them.  Often I hear, "I just can't imagine what it would be like to have girls. We only have boy toys."

Well friends,this is what it is like.

The boys got several tractors as presents for Christmas. They are, apparently, the perfect size for the Barbies.

The other day, Abby came downstairs, obviously pouting.

"Max is playing with the tractor I wanted to play with!"  I had to giggle and remind her that the tractors did actually belong to Max.

The other main difference? Max and Ian crash the tractors into everything. When the girls are playing with them, the tractors have distinct names, personalities, and call everyone "sweetie."

Oh, and the pink sparky Barbie horse? Max has all but taken ownership of it, insisting that it's Bullseye from "Toy Story."


  1. Too funny. Of course I don't understand because we don't have boy toys in this house, besides the random happy meal car or something.

    My poor nephew used to hate to come to my house, so I bought some planes for him to pay with while he was there. But, I gave them to him when we moved here. So, no boy toys. Just lots and lots of Barbies.

  2. So cute that the the girls are kinder and gentler when they are little! I am one of those boy people, but I must admit I get all gigly when I get a little girl in my class!


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