Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Another day, another specialist

We took Max to visit with the craniofacial specialist today. He is the Doctor that will actually be doing Max's surgery. The visit went mostly as expected- we waited around a lot, and then the Doctor took one look at Max, said that the craniosynostosis diagnosis was obvious without even looking at the x-rays. His is what they call grade 3- the most severe. (That's my boy- if you're going to do something, do it big!)

We talked about the surgery and what it entails. The details are pretty gory, so let's just say that its a pretty long and involved procedure. Its probably a good thing he's a boy, because he's going to end up with a very large zig-zag scar from ear to ear. We're currently soliciting snappy comeback lines for the slew of ineveitable "What happened to him?" questions that we're going to get after the surgery and before the hair grows back.

The surgery is on the calendar for May 1st. For those of you keeping track at home, yes, that is my birthday. I'm going to have to be a big girl and suck it up, because it was the only date in three months that works for all three surgeons (yes, three surgeons!) that will be working on my baby. Luckily, birthdays when you're a grownup aren't all that big of a deal. I'll have to negotiate my sushi dinner the week before and call it good.

I also have appointments with two other doctors that we need to consult with before his surgery. And in my quest to see every pediatric subspecialty at Primary Children's, we have now seen/consulted/or scheduled and appointment with a:

neurosurgeon (who I'm still hoping looks like Patrick Dempsey.)
craniofacial surgeon
speech language pathologist

Pretty impressive, huh? Although, if I have a choice, I would rather not see a cardiologist or an oncologist, thank you very much. A friend of mine mentioned that we have yet to see a pediatric podiatrist. Didn't know there was such a thing. Thankfully, Max's feet seem to be doing just fine.

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  1. Oh Stacy, I could just cry for you and little Max. What a thing to be facing. I so admire your sense of humor, your good attitude will see you through!

    As for snappy comebacks, how about the old standby - "oh that, that's just an old football injury". I can just see the total confusion on people's faces.


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