Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Winter Fun

I'm not a fan of winter generally. And winter here seems to be taking an extra long time to leave. I don't think we've seen the grass for months. But, with Tom off work, the girls out of school, and the sun shining, it was a perfect sledding day!

Down the hill!

Get ready, get set...

I even took Max down the hill. Not sure he was all that impressed.

Somebody? Anybody? I'm in the snow... I don't think I like it!

OK, maybe its not that bad.

Preparing for launch!

Wipeout! (Watching the wipeouts was more fun for me than actually sledding. Ashlynn took some really good falls!)

Happy Abby.

And a cute smiling baby. Because how can you resist?

Just one more!


  1. Max is the cutest, chunkiest thing ever! What a happy little guy. Sorry you still have SO MUCH SNOW at your place, it is fun... but it's also fun to play in grass! ;o)

  2. I'm so sorry you have so much snow. The grass really is pretty and if you want to see some, you can come visit me :)


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