Friday, April 24, 2009

Heard at my House, Part 4

Abby had quite the violin lesson yesterday. She had all her pieces for the group recital memorized and passed off (yeah!) so her teacher gave her a CD of the violinist Hilary Hahn playing unaccompanied Bach Sonatas and Partitas. (For the non-music geeks that read this blog, Hilary Hahn is a famous performing artist who made it big on the concert circuit when she was still fairly young. The unaccompanied Bach Sonatas and Partitas are some of the most difficult and demanding pieces in the violin repertoire.)

So we're on the way to Provo to meet up with some family for dinner, and we're listening to the d minor Chaconne, a piece that's known to stike fear in the hearts of violinists everywhere.

Abby: "Mom, how many violins are playing?"
Me: "Just one. There are lots of chords so that it sounds like more than one violin playing."
Abby thinks about this for a minute.
Abby: "Mom, I need to practice really hard. She's a lot better than me."

In between my laughter, I was actually quite proud of her. If you're going to have something to shoot for, there's not much that's better than Hilary Hahn playing unaccompanied Bach.


  1. Incredibly awesome and inspiring. :) Go Abbs!

  2. What a cutie. I guess she better start practicing :)

  3. what a timely post. I'm glad I read it today, as my husband and I are planning on buying a violin for our children and starting them on lessons. It's an instrument I don't play yet, but whenever I hear the Bach Double, or any foot-tapping fiddling, I can't help but either cry or dance.

    Thanks for sharing!! ;)


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