Tuesday, April 21, 2009


After approximately one gallon of drool, several sleepless nights, and weeks of Max gnawing on everything in sight, we are pleased to announce....

Drumroll Please....

Max's First Tooth!

So, being the responsible blogging mommy that I am, I set off to take pictures of the monumental event.

You want me to smile? Really? (Notice what the shirt says! So appropriate!)

Nope, not smiling. Not gonna do it.

I'll look really cute, I'll do a pushup for you, but I'm not smiling!

But in other tooth related news, Ashlynn lost her first tooth last week. After the first trip to a dentist in who knows how long (bad mommy!) I took the girls in to find out that Ashlynn had an abscessed tooth. (Even worse Mommy! In my defense, she never complained about it1) So, since she's almost six, we decided to have the tooth pulled instead of worrying about trying to save it.

Ashlynn was a little trooper. The laughing gas provided much entertainment for all of us, especially when Ashlynn started telling me that her hands felt slimy, and that she felt like she was inside a candy store. A few pulls by the dentist and we were finished!

Ashylnn sporting her brand new grin. When did she get so grown up? I'm pretty sure I just gave birth to her! The tooth fairy was very generous and the Smith family has experienced no net loss or gain in the total amount of teeth for the family. Balance has been restored to the universe. I'm sure you're all relieved.


  1. Stacy, I just love your sense of humor. Love it, love it.

  2. some kids getting teeth, some losing 'em. sounds a lot like my family! I'm also a home birthin', nursin', pretty crunchy mama! Glad to meet you. Found you on Mormon Mommy blogs. ;)


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