Saturday, September 26, 2009

Your family might be a little computer addicted when...

Your daughters are playing on the computer downstairs and it needs to be restarted. So your husband goes to restart the computer and you hear your 7 year old start whining.

"But Dad, can we play on your laptop?"

"Nope, I'm using my computer."

"Well, can we play on Mom's laptop?"

"Mommy's using her laptop."

"But Dad, we need more computers in this house. We only have three!"

In our defense, the laptop belongs to my husband's work. And both my husband and I were doing legitimate work on our laptops. But still. I'm thinking three computers for four people should be enough.... I'm just sayin'!

1 comment:

  1. Sadly, I think our computer count surpasses that. My husband's career is computers (security, networking, etc), so that's our excuse. :)

    We have computers in our closets, in our bedrooms, and in our dining room. In fact, our biggest family table is more like a "computer desk". We had to wean our kids off video games a few months ago, our oldest son (age 6) was **addicted**. Like I'm not? :)


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