Monday, November 9, 2009

Its a Dirty Job

So why do I have to do it?

Ew.  I don't want to gross anyone out, so I'm not going to tell anyone about how in this week I've...

~ Unclogged the basement toilet twice.  ("Poop soup!" my six year old gleefully exclaims!)  This was made worse by the fact that it happened first thing in the morning, and as previously explained, I have a firm belief that not much good happens before 9am.

~ Cleaned up cat poop from the carpet after I almost stepped on it.  Once again, mornings+bleary eyes= grossed out, annoyed mommy.

~ Learned that soybeans and corn make for really, really stinky diapers.  Like clear out the house stinky, or wondering when we can start potty training stinky.

~ Been covered more than once in slimy, snotty baby kisses.  (OK, that's probably more cute than gross, or maybe its one of those "only a mother could love" kind of things.) 


  1. I remember coming to visit you after Abby was born, and your mom was there telling us about the time you were sick and threw up pink pepto bismol all over the walls of your house when you were a kid...We laughed until it hurt, and your mom said, "Nothing grosses you out any more once you are a mom." At least, nothing grosses you out beyond what you can "Mom up" and handle. :)

  2. oh, but I'd love a basement, even with clogged toilets...well, I think. :)

    PS: my girls really want a cat. Want to FedEx us yours?


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