Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Spring Break Day 3

In which Stacy gets bored and somehow inexplicably decides that painting the violin studio is a good idea. 
Um, I might be in real trouble by Friday if this keeps up.


  1. Oooo... I actually love painting rooms! How about a big graphic violin in black once you finish the red???

  2. I think you should just keep it like that...

  3. The 2nd day of spring break I thought we should go to the zoo, my husband said he wanted to paint. And then I pointed out that ALL THE KIDS WERE HOME. So we went to the zoo.

    But we'll probably be painting next week...

  4. I wish I had been bored during spring break...maybe my dining room would finally be painted!

    I think it was a great idea, I bet it will be fabulous in that color! I love Kazzy's could find a vinyl one really easily, I bet!


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