Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Jealous much?

While I was feeding the hoodlums children tonight, I got this sweet picture text from my husband, who is on a business trip in San Diego.

The caption read "This is my view from dinner tonight."

I had no choice: I had to return the favor.  Here's the photo I sent him.

My caption of course read, "This is my view from dinner tonight."

I might be a little bit jealous.


  1. Smart aleck. :) I don't know, your view is pretty awesome in it's own right, but being in San Diego right about now would be nice...

  2. A most Hilarious pic & post. I needed the grin tonight, girl. Thanks for it! :)

  3. PS: I'm doing a book giveaway on my blog this week, including the book my friend authored, The Way of the Peaceful Birther, by Amy Cox Jones (nonfiction: natural birthing/home birthing). If you don't have the book already, it is one you'll want to own/read!! :)

  4. LOL Your view looks much more satisfying!

  5. Usually I would be right there with you, but right now, even the beautiful view from a San Diego restaurant isn't alluring. Someone else cooking and serving dinner, that would be alluring.

  6. My husband's been out of town all week. One night he called and said he had a belly full of chicken fried steak.

    I hope it made him sick. :D


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