Sunday, May 1, 2011

It's my party

And I'll sleep if I want to.

Or stay in my pajamas all day and eat chocolate.

Or make my husband do all the cooking and my kids all the cleanup.

You know how when you're a grown up, birthdays never seem as exciting as they did when you were a kid? 

Well, since I spent the weekend hauling all over Utah in a bus with 40 violinists and my baby, the above mentioned activities sound like a grand old time to me.   It was a great weekend- I enjoyed myself more than I thought I would- but I'm thinking Baby Ian has the right idea by insisting on sleeping the day away.

But anything beats my birthday two years ago, when Max was going in for his first, and ultimately unsuccessful cranio surgery.

So today, I'm relishing in my pajamas, my (multiple) naps,my novel, my chocolate, and the presents that are waiting for me.  Besides, I think I might be getting too old to handle much excitement anyway.


  1. Well, happy birthday, and I hope that the novel is good and the supply of chocolate endless - and that you get to do it all again next week for Mother's Day. (No guilt, just a day to relax!)


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