Friday, May 1, 2009

The Waiting

Max is in surgery, and Tom and I are camped out in the waiting room. We've created our little nest, and we're trying to keep ourselves occupied. We've visited with other parents, took a walk, ate some lunch, and we're still waiting. We probably have another hour and a half or so before he's out of surgery, then another 45 minutes to an hour after that before we can see him in the PICU.

So far, everything is going as expected. The bronchosopy was done quickly. Our ENT, who I really like, was replaced by a doctor with absolutely no bedside manner. He was very condescending and I was glad that 1) he wasn't our regular doctor and 2) that his part in the surgery was so minor. The neurosurgeon is also done with his part of the surgery, and said that everything has gone well. The nurse calls from the OR every hour and a half, but all she tells me is that his vitals are good and that things are "moving along." He has had a blood transfusion, although she couldn't tell me how much.

Things this morning went as well as could be expected. Max was sweet and happy, and only started getting visibly frustrated just before they took him for surgery. He was so hungry, and just couldn't seem to understand why I wasn't feeding him. A sweet child-life specialist bought us about an extra half hour by giving us some bubbles to blow for him.

Giving my baby to the anesthesiologist was the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. Neither one of us were prepared for the flood of emotion, and I still don't think I'm ready to talk or blog about it. The only way I'm making it through is by not thinking of it in too much detail.

I'm glad everything is going well, and I'm glad that it will be over soon.

And I can't wait to see my baby.


  1. Wow! By now it's probably done. I lost track of time and forgot the surgery was today. It sounds like everything went off without a hitch and very soon, you will be nursing your sweet little guy. :o)

  2. Hi my name is Ashley. I am meeting with a plastic surgeon in SLC in a few weeks for metopic synostosis. After a little
    Google search I came upon your blog and have read all about your experience with surgery (and surgery again). I saw you consulted with Dr. Fearon who I told my husband I wanted to go to after an extensive google search. Gosh, gotta love google. :) Anyway I would love to talk to you and gather some info. If you could email me I would be ever so grateful for your knowledge as our family trudges along this new path.

  3. Hi Stacy. You probably get a lot of these types of post but I got referred to plastic surgeon for metopic synostosis. Our consult is in a few weeks in SLC. I have been doing tons of searching online (thank you Google) and came upon your blog. I have searched it for info and I am heartbroken that your son had to have surgery TWICE. I noticed you consulted with Dr. Fearon whom I have a strong desire to go to. Anyway, I would love some advice, recommendations, etc. if you have a free moment (Free time? Yeah right, right?) My son is 17 months old. Thanks in advance.

    Ashley Phillips


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