Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Raising Girls and Raising Heathens

A few years ago, Tom and I bought the girls a very fancy wooden dollhouse with what seems like a million tiny pieces of wooden furniture envisioning the hours of happy, imaginative, loving play the girls would enjoy. Just yesterday, Abby and Ashlynn spent a good half hour arranging and rearranging the furniture in just the perfect spots. 

Enter Max.  In the time it took me to fold and put away one load of laundry, (Yes, I do fold and put my laundry away occasionally!  Stop looking so shocked...)  all 57 pieces of tiny dollhouse furniture, along with 13 alphabet blocks, the tv remote control, 2 Barbies and a Woody Doll had all been chucked down the stairs while the little boy laughed hysterically.  As an extra bonus, some of the toys appeared to have had a toilet water bath before their flight down the stairs. 

I maintain that those who say the difference between heathens boys and girls isn't inborn have never had one of each.

I also maintain that it might be time to reinforce door closing policies with the girls.


  1. That is so awesome :-) I feel much better about my crazy boys!

  2. How did you find my blog? Do you practice
    any type of horticulture? IF you do there
    is no evidence anywhere...At any rate, best
    wishes for 2010 for you and your cute, family.

  3. Ah, welcome to parenting a boy! Yes, the differences run deep, and they are very much inborn! (Though my dd can make messes with the best of them.)

  4. The night Max wore his wolfsuit and made mischief of one kind and another...

  5. That picture is the best!! Of Max's small but powerful arm raised above his head, ready to hurl the next piece of precious wooden doll furniture.

    PS: Our 2 yr old, Zack, threw a new (hard plastic) Bob the Builder plate on the floor the other day, purposefully, and it shattered. It reminded me of the tempestuous 2 yr old curious nature of destroying and creating. Ahhh, the joys.

    PPS: Our home is so small, our lovely wooden doll house has been resigned to our garage. We get it out and dust it off from time to time. We love it all the same.

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  7. (snort, cough) I'm not laughing AT you. I'm laughing WITH you! =) The difference between boys and girls is truly amazing. Loved this.


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