Sunday, January 3, 2010

Very Important Questions

We interrupt this regularly scheduled "New Year's Resolution" or "Year in Review" or "My favorite posts of 2009" post to bring you these very important questions. 

First: Why is it that, despite a wide range of beautiful, age appropriate, developmentally stimulating toys that we have all over the house to entertain the baby boy, he only wants to play with the things that aren't toys?   Maybe I need a good cardboard box to distract him from the iphone, the Blackberry, the laptop and the remote control!

Second, and most important: Why do my Rice Krispie treats always turn out hard and stale instead of soft and gooey?  I follow the recipe exactly, and as soon as they cool, they taste like cardboard.  I can make gourmet 4-course meals out of virtually nothing for my family, but I can't make soft Rice Krispie treats.  (And I really, really wanted some...)

Okay, I know there's some seriously smart people out there.  Someone needs to save me from a lifetime of stale rice krispie treats and hiding the remote control from the baby. Who's day is it to know everything?


  1. Sorry, Stacy, I'm comin' up dry for you on both counts. Just send the heathen outside. ;)

  2. You might be over cooking your marshmallows. You need fresh marshmallows and only stir until just melted then take off the stove and hurry and stir in the vanilla and then the crispies.

    Good Luck. I do it that way and mine are always soft.

  3. First, try using your old cell phone and other outdated electronics as baby toys. Works in our house! ;)

    Second, I have no idea on the RK treats as I have the same problem.

    I appreciate reading Carolyn's tip, though, and will have to give it a try!

  4. Make sure you are melting the butter and marshmellows on LOW heat. Anything higher will do that.

  5. Yes. The overcooking of marshmallows is the issue. And don't stir too much once you add the rice krispies, either.

    I have no idea on the toys. My youngest was an electronics fanatic, and no amount of pretend cell phones and computers made her happy!

  6. I will tell you that I think no substitute will work for those fun electronic devices that we adults use. I've tried giving the old cell phone, the old remote control, etc. to my kids when their interests linger on my "toys" and they figure out too quickly that this isn't the real thing and still go for the real thing. So good luck with that. The only thing to do about it is to try and keep those things completely out of reach and sight, but that's just not possible.

    As for rice krispie treats, I wish I could help. My husband is the rice krispie treat maker around here and his are always perfectly gooey, but I don't know his secret. He probably doesn't even know it.

  7. I always use more marshmallows than are called for. Call Theresa Mason, her butterscotch treats are super good, she brought me some once.

  8. well, I just want rice krispy treats and how do you get so many people to your blog? Obviously I'm doing something wrong.

  9. I can't make rice krispy treats for my life. They turn out like concrete. My mom & sisters rock the krispy treats, though, so I'm always begging them to make 'em.


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