Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Note to Self

Dear Self-

Next time, when you check the weather forecast, and the National Weather Service warns you that not only is there a major snowstorm coming, but heaviest snow is going to be from approximately 6-7am and center right on the highway you drive on at 7am on your way to violin lessons, do youself a favor:


Stay home, tucked safely in your bed, away from all things violin, music, and anything with the words "Parley's Canyon" and snow in them.  You will save yourself a five hour round trip with cranky kids, sore hands from squeezing the steering wheel to within an inch of its life, and several years' worth of twitching from PTSD any time the weather forecast has snow in it. 

(Is it spring yet?)



  1. Man, Parley's in a snowstorm? No thanks. Hope you are safe.

  2. Eww, ick, gross, bleh! In case you couldn't tell, I don't like snow all that much.
    Sorry you got stuck in a storm!

  3. That snow looks something fierce! And I thought our sheets of rain were bad!

    Hope you are tucked in and well today.


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