Thursday, January 14, 2010

Writer's Block

You know how some people have songs that get stuck in their head and no matter what they do they can't get rid of them?  I have things that I need to write that are not leaving me alone. 

I hesitate to even talk about it, because it's so cliched.  You know, the stay at home mom who turns into a casual blogger, who then decides she's a brilliant writer and wants to write the GREAT AMERICAN NOVEL and land a huge book contract.  I don't think that I'm a brilliant writer, although I have fun blogging.  I don't intend to write a novel, at least at this point.  But I do have ideas and part of articles that are bouncing around my brain, tormenting me.

So I think the only thing to do is sit down and write them.  I have at least three articles I need to write, all very differnt, all three are outlined and taking shape.  I know exactly where I'm going to submit them, and had a very emotional, spiritual experience that told me I need to write one of them as soon as possible.

But I have a million excuses.

I have no time.  (Of course I have time.  I have time to sit and waste on Facebook...)

I have a baby who doesn't let me use the computer without screaming.  (OK, this part is true.  But he takes a long nap in the afternoons and sleeps at night.  Once again, this speaks to my lack of time management skills!)

I have nothing unique to say. (Maybe, maybe not.  Except if that were the truth, I don't think that I would be feeling so strongly about it.)

I think what it comes down to is that I'm a little nervous.

All right fine.  I'm scared stiff.

Scared to put myself out there.  Scared to be rejected.  Scared of the sheer amount of work it will take with little to no reward. 

But maybe if I start getting all of this out on paper it will stop tormenting me and let me sleep at night.  

So here's to writing.  And a brand new kind of adventure. 

Oh, and a minor update.  (Because I know you were all sitting around holding your breath wanting to know the health status of my family.) Everyone is well. The viscious stomach flu made it's rounds through our house, sparing no one.  We each took our turns laying around the house moaning for 24 hours or so, then we were done.  And there's a strange kind of relief in knowing that all five of us were sick, and now there's nothing else that nasty flu bug can do to us!  And as a bonus, there were no trips to the Dr, urgent care or ER. Hah!  (And if I'm back in 6-8 hours to amend that, you have my permission to mercilessly rub it in my face.)


  1. You can do it! Just go for it! I always get this way and once I FINALLY get started, everything goes so much better.

  2. Now we're all dying of curiousity to know what you're wanting to write about!

  3. well, you just need to sit down and write it! I mean we're all sitting here waiting....

  4. I'm glad everyone is well now. Sweet relief, right?

    About writing: I say write on! You can do it!

    I've gotten a few rejections so far, but I think it's all seasoning, as my writing evolves into something even better in the meantime.

    At the writer's conference last weekend, Sydney Salter showed us a thick 3 ring binder of official rejections. There were at least 200 in the binder. My jaw dropped to the floor. She has 3 published novels & more on the way. And a terrific agent.

    Write and then write more. It's a process & so much fun!

    PS: Are you a member of a writing critique group? Just a thought.

  5. If you've seen my blog recently, you know it would be very bad kharma for me to rub anything health-related in your face.

    And write away, girl. No fear. You own the words; make them do whatever you want.

  6. I get those writing cravings, even when I am not sure what I want to write about. It is the catharsis of writing that I crave, not always a certain topic. Go for it!

  7. Do it.

    I've been wanting to write a certain piece, also, but have been procrastinating it. You've given me some impetus, but now to find the time. :)


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