Saturday, December 18, 2010

Newborn Love

I'm still working on Ian's birth story.  Ok, fine.  I'm not.  I'm still working on processing Ian's birth, with every intent to write a coherent birth story any day now.  In the meantime, I'm hooking you up with some adorable pictures of what may very well be the cutest baby in the world for you to gaze at while you wait.
 This became the centerpiece of our Christmas cards with the caption "Look what Santa brought us for Christmas!"  Yes, I did Christmas cards for the very first time in my adult life this year.  I felt unreasonably proud of myself when I dropped them off at the post office today.
 I love newborns.  I love the way they curl up into a ball, the way they fall asleep on your chest, their little grunts and squeaks,
 and their little tiny flutter smiles.
This one is my favorite. 

I'm so thrilled we were able to get these pictures done.  While my babies start out small, they don't stay that way for very long.  Ian is probably pushing 9.5-10lbs, has an adorable double chin, round ultra-kissable cheeks, has lost all trace of his scrawny little chicken legs, and actually has started fitting into his newborn clothes.  It's bittersweet I tell ya.  So glad to have his tiny adorableness on film.

And while I would give most of my non-vital organs for a good nights' sleep or even a decent nap, Ian is our last baby, and I'm doing my best to savor each little grunt, squirm, and nap on my chest. 

Photography by Scott Wilhite- aren't they great?


  1. These are so perfect! I especially like the one on the blue. They're only that small for like 5 seconds anyway. How great that you captured it!

  2. Those pictures are great, he's so precious!! And I'm so proud of you for doing Christmas cards, I can't wait to get it :)

  3. He is so darling, Stacy. There is nothing like a newborn at Christmas time. I had one myself. Have a great holiday.


  4. Totally random..came across your blog. I live in utah and have a cranio boy, he was sagittal. I enjoyed seeing your little max's story, sounds like a roller coaster i think he is looking handsome and round. Love seeing a round little head, don't you? We are almost 3 years post op, my boy had surgery in Texas dec 07 if u want to look on my blog.... I feel great about my sons head but still have moments where I panic that he is looking a bit sagittal. Wondering if you ever did the genetic testing? I think my sons ears are low set, he has a sacral dimple, etc and I wonder if we should do genetic testing. Just curious if you did and what the results were. Sorry this is so long. Here is my email Thanks from one cranio mom to another :)


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