Thursday, December 2, 2010

Reasons I'm a superhero

Yesterday was a disaster, plain and simple. 

You see, I thought I had this adjustment to four kids thing down pat.  Had no idea what everyone was complaining about. 

Don't you hate eating your words?

Yes, yesterday rivaled the first day I was left home alone with my two girls and my husband came home to find the kitchen covered in blood, the baby's bedroom covered in poop, and all three of us in the rocking chair together crying. 

To be fair, so far, things have gone remarkably well.  Everyone has been fed regularly, we've changed approximately a hundred diapers a day without incident, and there hasn't been any major blood shed.

But yesterday, oh, yesterday.

Enter a night of little to no sleep, a very bored toddler, a baby who, after a week, found his voice, two older girls who had a chronic inability to listen or follow through with what they were asked to do, a mom who decided that night was the perfect night to start cooking for her family again, and a husband who texted at 5:30 to say he was going to be late, and no, he didn't know when he was going to be home, and the result is me, wanting to alternately tear my hair out and sob, and wondering who it was that thought parenting four kids was such a wise idea. 

So, in that spirit, I've decided I need to lower my expectations a bit in an effort to stay functional and try to ward off the postpartum emotional wreckage, I present to you my reasons why I'm a superhero.  Feel free to play along and add your own.

** I've showered every day since I came home from the hospital.

** I've put on real clothes- including my pre-pregnancy jeans!- for the last three days.

** Yesterday, I actually took both kids to the library storytime.  Granted, it took nearly an hour to get everyone out the door, and by the time we got home, I felt like I had run a marathon, but at least we got out of the house!

** Naps.  Aaaah, naps.  I've had one every day this week.  Turns out getting both kids to sleep at the same time isn't as hard as I thought it would be.  (Yes, I just knocked on wood...)

** While my house still looks somewhat like a bomb exploded, I did manage to fold a load of laundry yesterday.

There, see?  If doing that puny list of things makes me a superhero, it probably makes you look like the 8th wonder of the known universe!  You're welcome.  Consider it my public service for the day.

And now, for some gratuitous Ian newborn cuteness.

His little outfit reads "Don't let my size fool you."  Indeed.

Alright, I'm off to don my superhero cape and see if I can rustle up something remotely edible for my family for dinner.  And change another few diapers. 


  1. you folded clothes? That means you got them washed--also, that there is clean clothing in the house. I'd say that's extra superhero points. :)

  2. Ah, I can relate! Only it took me three weeks for it all to hit. Why did I think it was a good idea to start homeschooling again this week? I did a lot of yelling today.

  3. I don't even manage to fold clothes, usually.

    So congrats!

    And Ian is freaking cute. :)

  4. You rock, Stacy. No, that is not sarcastic. I just love you! :)

  5. You ARE a superhero. Absolutely. Bet you 10 bucks that Superman would have never survived a day like that.

  6. Oh girl, you are doing great! Really! And I totally second Steph's comment.

    Umm... you may hate me for saying this, but... four kids got tough for me after about three or four months. The beginning was the easy part! LOL!

    Truly though, no worries. You really are doing great.

  7. Pre-pregnancy jeans already? Wow. You are an inspiration.

  8. I toally count the ability to shower everyday with a newborn at home as an achievement!

    I've never done the 4 kids thing, but I did the toddler and newborn thing, and eventually you'll get a nice groove going for everyone. But it definitely is hard at first! You'll do just fine!

  9. Post-partum emotional wreckage, for sure. Take it easy, be kind and gentle to yourself as possible. Take things one day at a time. You are a wonder, diapering, mothering, and being you. :)

  10. Hey the fact that you have four kids makes you superhero enough. Anything beyond that is just a bonus.

  11. I get my kids out of pajamas and into normal clothes by 2 in the afternoon, usually.

    Popcorn for dinner is still dinner.

    I've made the kids a help-yourself shelf so they can get themselves their own drinks and snacks so mommy can just sit at her computer nursing a baby and zone out.

    No one has been left at the Canadian border or dropped off at safe baby drop offs with a "good luck!" sign pinned to their coat.

  12. You Showered EVERY day!?? You ARE a superhero!

    (Please excuse the 3 comments on three posts in a row, but I just found you and I am seriously considering stalking you on a regular basis...)


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