Monday, February 1, 2010

Buy One, Get One Free

Max has yet another ear infection.  This time, we're the lucky winner of a double ear infection.  This is his second ear infection in the past month, his sixth or seventh in the past year, and this round has been particularly bad.  My normally mellow, laid-back little boy has been turned into a screaming demon, and as much as I like watching tv, watching bad reality shows on Discovery Health at 3am with a baby screaming in pain just isn't my idea of fun.  I know, call me crazy.

So I took him into the pediatrician this morning, and she says its time for tubes.  I was grateful for that, because I was about ready to throw myself at her feet and beg if she didn't suggest it first.  And lucky us, (and how convenient!) we already have a surgery scheduled in March.  You know, it's the medical equivalent of your husband saying "Hey, since you were going to the bathroom, can you head to the kitchen and make me a turkey sandwich on white, hold the mustard, extra cheese?"   Hey, since you were going to cut his head open again, do you mind throwing some ear tubes in while you're at it?

So I called the good folks at the ENT clinic, to see if it would be possible for a surgeon to join in the party happening in the OR on March 25th.  (I really don't mean to sound cavalier.  But I'm living in denial about another surgery right now, and using morbid humor is the only thing I have going for me...)  I talked with the surgery scheduler, and she arranged it up all neat and tidy.  I asked her if I needed to bring Max in to meet with the surgeon and she consulted her notes and told me that since Max had been in so recently, (he had minor lip surgery in November of last year; I don't think I even deemed it blog worthy because it didn't involve the PICU, major blood loss, or even any notable drama!) that they would just do the surgery that morning.  (See, membership in the PCMC frequent-flier club does have it's priveleges!)

But this was the kicker.  She then said "You know. I'm surprised.  Usually with these cranio kids, they like to put in the ear tubes prophylactically.  Since their ear canals are genetically smaller, they are super prone to ear infections." 

There's a great line in the movie "Wedding Singer" with Adam Sandler: "Gee, you know that information...really would have been helpful to me YESTERDAY!"

Or six ear infections ago.  You know, whatever. (This is me, banging my head against the wall.)


  1. o my goodness. Okay the GOOD NEWS is: It's going to be done! Let's not think about the fact that it could've been done (the tubes) eons ago. Nope, don't think about that.
    Hang in there Mama!

  2. Oh, I am so sorry. Poor little guy. And poor you for having to lose sleep and to worry about him.

  3. Oh man! I am so sorry!
    You know. I remember before Alayna's cranio surgery, I took her in to see the pediatrician and she has ear infections in both ears and his comment was, "Huh, I'm surprised! That usually doesn't happen in babies this young!"
    Now I know.
    Hang in there little Max. And mamma!

  4. OMG, srsly - why did they not tell you that? MORONS. :) *HUGS*

  5. How frustrating! Good luck with everything.


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