Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Ode to Winter

Winter I hate you, I hate you, you stink.
Your snowflakes are driving me right to the brink.

I'm sick of the boots, the mittens, the cold,
And shoveling the driveway has gotten quite old.

I hate that there's so very much snow when I drive,
It's a wonder that we make it to lessons alive.

It's truly been ages since we've seen the sun,
The sledding and tubing and skiing all have been done.

We've lost all the scarves and the mittens have tears,
The hats, coats and snowpants are too much to bear.

The grass in my yard hasn't been seen since November,
What leaves on the trees are, I just can't remember.

No one would cry if the snow quickly vanished,
We wouldn't be sad if the cold was now banished.

Being cooped up with kids has me feeling quite crazy,
I've spent too much time on facebook being lazy.

We've had ear infections, and bad cabin fever,
When a girl's done with winter, you'd better believe her.

I know that Spring comes to my town, I've seen it.
So get out of here, Winter, I've had it!  I mean it!


  1. Aw... I've actually been sad that we've hardly had any snow here this winter. It doesn't seem fair to go through all the cold and dirty air without the beauty and fun of snow. Amazing what a distance of 75 miles or so will do, huh?

    With that said, I'm ready for spring! I'm ready to get out in the yard and the sunshine, and I'm ready to reclaim my coat closet from the mounds of coats, hats, and gloves that won't stay on their hangers or in their boxes. And I'm ready to send the kids out to play!

  2. I am right there with you! Last year our winter lasted through June. If it happens again I may not make it out with sanity intact.

  3. ::::APPLAUSE::::
    Amen, and Amen!!!

  4. This is my first actually cold winter in about 10 years and I'm already wanting it to leave (actually, I wanted it to leave before it even started!). I'm just a scrooge when it comes to cold and snow and prefer more mild winters.

  5. I whole-heartedly agree.


  6. You know how to say it. Have you thought of seeing about guest posting this on MMB? Very timely piece!!

  7. Hey! I left you a little award on my blog to cheer you up!

  8. So I am thinking your prose is way too powerful for Winter this only took a day or two, and now there is grass springing up in our yard! Keep it coming girl! luvs!


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