Sunday, February 28, 2010

Reasons #47-49 Why Toddler Boys Are Trouble

See that face?  Doesn't he look all sweet and innocent?  Well, don't let it fool you.  It's all an act, I tell you!  A cruel act!

Reason #47: I am taking my morning shower, and Max is hanging out with me in the bathroom.  The theory is that if I keep him contained while I'm showering, the chances of major damage to him or the house will be lessened.  Really it just means he has to concentrate his evil powers of destruction to only one room of the house which leads to a more intense mess confined to a smaller area. When I shut off the shower and peek out at him, I realize exactly why it was I had such a peaceful shower.  He has chosen this particular shower to learn how to lift the toilet seat all by himself.  He had then proceeded to find a cup and was bailing water cup by cup onto the bathroom floor, all the while sqealing in delight.

Reason #48:  After the grand toilet water incident, there was nothing for me to do but to put him in the bath.  I pull roughly half the bath towels  we own out of the closet to try to contain the mess, and run the bath water.  He is in the bath for roughly 37 seconds before I see his face turn bright red and hear the tell-tale grunting.  In the split-second it takes me cross our bathroom, Max has filled the bathtub with poop.  Sigh.  If I could only get him to poop in the toilet and play in the bathtub, I'd be set!

Reason #49:  Toilet+iphone.  They don't mix.  Just in case you were curious. 

Just noticed that all three of these had something to do with toilets.  Maybe I should invest in some toilet locks.  And some more interesting blogging material. It would probably be cheaper (not to mention more interesting!) than investing in new iphones...


  1. I so remember the days of having the kids in the bathroom with me while I showered. I would sing to them and talk to them, all while lathering up and washing my hair. The things we do to keep the house from being destroyed!

  2. Oh my, LOL! What a little monkey!! I will often put all four of the kids in the bathtub which makes for an interesting time when someone poops in it and they all jump up and are clinging and standing on the sides of the tub... while Alayna sits by herself and tries to catch the floaties. Joy. =)
    So, is Max feeling better?

  3. Toilet locks sound like a good one for that boy. Mine never were that interested in the toilet, but my girl sure is.

  4. Toddler boys and toilets are a match made in, well, not heaven. Sorry about the iPhone. My original met a sad death in a restroom.


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