Wednesday, May 5, 2010

In which I become jealous of the cat

I am seriously tired.

I forget how incredibly, bone-tired, I'm-going-to-die-if-I-don't-sleep right now I get when I'm pregnant.

Add that to a teething baby who is up every 37 minutes all night long, (Seriously.  I counted.) and you have a recipe for one very tired mama.

Give me a choice between just about anything and sleep, and I'll pick sleep. 

This afternoon after the girls got home from school and Max was napping, I told them they could go upstairs for a few minutes and play so I could shut my eyes.  I told myself it was just going to be a few minutes.  An hour and twenty minutes later, I woke up with drool on my chin and the print of the couch on my cheek, wondering how it got to 5:20. 

Yesterday I started feeling insanely jealous of our big fat black cat.  You see, all he does all day is sleep. 

He spent a few hours sleeping in the baby's crib, (Max certainly isn't using it!) then got up, ate some food out of his dish, and spent the next few hours sleeping under our bed.  Then he moved to the window seat.  Yesterday night, he spent a few minutes purring in my lap, then curled up on the couch and went back to sleep again.

And the best part about it?  No one expects him to do anything different!

Yes, I'm convinced.  I need to be a cat.  At least for the rest of my first trimester. 

It's hard work growing an entire human from scratch you know. 

That's what I keep telling myself as I lay around the house like a slug, anyway.  I figure no matter what else anyone around here does, I'm still being more productive than they are. 


  1. Cats have it so easy. Except you couldn't pay me enough to touch a mouse with my fingernails - much less eat one. So maybe just being a napping Mom is the next best thing. As long as you have one of those windows where the afternoon sun soaks into the floor, and you can sleep right there...

  2. If you stop shaving long enough, maybe you could sort-of be a cat!
    Sorry you're so tired. Hang in there girl!

  3. Cats definitely have it good. SO sorry about your sleep deprivation. I remember those days. My third child was up multiple times a night until he was 2. I thought I would die. Good luck!

  4. If I were your neighbor I would watch your kids so you could sleep. Sleep deprivation stinks. Here's hoping the baby sleeps through the night forevermore!

  5. Maybe this is why I've never liked cats... Jealousy does get in the way of getting along. Good luck, my dear!

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