Sunday, May 2, 2010

One Year, One Month

Yesterday marked some interesting milestones.  A year ago yesterday, we were sitting in the waiting room at Primary Children's Medical Center as our five and a half month old baby son underwent his first surgery. 

It's a good thing that when we were sitting in the hospital a year ago that I had no idea we would be doing it again eleven short months later. 

Yesterday also marked a month and a day from surgery number two. 

Max is doing beautifully.  Looking at him, you would never know that he has been through such an ordeal, not just once but twice.  His head is filled with the normal post-op lumps and bumps, but there is nothing overly concerning, which is saying something because a month post-op from his first surgery, I could still see the triangular shape to his forehead. 

I can't describe how much I would love to put all of this behind us and never think of it again.  We have our first real post-op appointment this week, and I'm hoping that's a significant step towards that.

Oh, and did I mention that yesterday was my birthday?  We got a sitter, saw a movie, and ate crab legs.  Good day. 


  1. Yay, crab legs! I hope you had a good birthday. I'm glad that Max is doing well. I hope you have a relaxing Mother's Day!

  2. Crab legs is my fave! East coast girl here. :)

    Happy belated birthday. I am glad you got a chance to take a break and get out. You have been through the ringer lately. Good luck with your appt this week. Best wishes.

  3. YEA! Go Max and Mommy! You are are awesome! Such troopers! I'm so glad he's doing good!

    And Happy Late Birthday!! Geez, is it painfully obvious that I rarely get on Facebook? Even though you said it was a good day, I hope you have a FAB birthday week!

  4. What movie did you see? And the crab legs, mmmmm!!!

    Here's to birthdays & celebrations!


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