Sunday, May 30, 2010

Just the facts, ma'am...

There's a fine line between whining and telling exactly what happened on this "vacation" of ours. 

And though I really, really want to whine and stomp my feet and cry about how terrible it all was, I'll spare you all that and just tell you exactly what happened.

Yesterday morning, Max woke up crying with a screaming fever.  Abby was crying because everything hurt.  Ashylnn was crying because everyong else was crying.  I wanted to cry.

The vacation was over. 

By 10am, we had everything packed in the car, ("I don't care where you pack everything, Mom.  Just throw it in the van.  We'll sort it all out later.") and were on the road. 

We made it home in record time.  I figured as long as we were all going lay around feeling sorry for ourselves, we may as well do it at home, on our own couches.

And I learned a very important lesson.  Next time I get the wild idea to take all three children on "vacation" by myself,. a much wiser course would be to wrap all my children in bubble wrap and lock us all in our rooms for the duration.  It would be cheaper, and probably a lot more enjoyable.


  1. I think you're entitled to as much whining as you want!

  2. I feel your pain. I made the mistake of taking 3 children to Nauvoo by myself last year and swore NEVER AGAIN. I'd like to think I learned my lesson, but I'll probably be dumb enough to try it again.

  3. I would say the same thing after driving from AZ to CA with four kids last summer and then up to UT from Southern CA and then back to AZ from UT--by myself. But, if I swore off stuff like that forever, I would never be able to go anywhere or do anything! Because my husband's love affair with his job rules over any vacation with the family. It's hard to get him to ask for time off, even when he's entitled to it (and currently he has over 100 vacation hours he could use). So I will probably be driving down to So. Cal over the summer by myself with the kids for a little vacation because he won't take the time off to come with us.

    So I can totally empathize and sometimes want to whine to, but I'll be doing it again before too long!

  4. Ugh, sorry you had to learn a hrd lesson. I always think I can handle stuff like that, and then I feel like dying when it is all over.

    Relax this week. :)

  5. The bubble wrap comment made me think of a year that we had to cancel a scheduled family vacation and so tried to make that same week feel "vacation-y" at home. Eating out a couple times, taking in the sites in the area, renting a few still turned out to be a break, you know? Maybe that could be the compromise between driving to Torrey and buying out all of the bubble wrap available at the UPS store. ;)

    I'm sorry that it was such a hard trip on all of you. That really bites.

  6. My sis takes vacations alone with her 5 kids all the time. She is also of pioneer stock. Me? Not so much.


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