Saturday, July 17, 2010

It's a...


A healthy one.

And despite all my pleadings on the way to the appointment, (when I thought my husband might actually cave,) and my beggings while I was laying on the table covered in all that lovely, oh-so-warm ultrasound goo, (when I swear he almost changed his mind,) we still don't know if we're having a boy or a girl.

The great news is, though, that everything looks great with the baby, whoever he or she might be. 

According to the ultrasound, the baby weighs about nine ounces, and is measuring small, around the 30th percentile or so.  Not at all concerning considering I've had two six pound babies at term, so this little one is following in big sister and brother's footsteps.

We were able to visualize 3 open skull sutures, and although that really means nothing in terms of the wonderful world of craniosynostosis, I was happy to see a nice little round noggin.

We also found out that I have marginal placenta previa, but as of right now, it's absolutely nothing to worry about.  Even the Doctor who diagnosed it, who knew we are planning a homebirth and actively discouraged it, didn't tell us that it was a reason to worry at all. 

I'm scheduled for a repeat scan at 32 weeks, both to check on the skull sutures and monitor the previa.  I'm more worried that I'll be able to stay strong and not ask about gender than I am about a problem with either one of those. 

As we were leaving, Tom told them to make a note in my chart that I'm not allowed to ask about the gender when I'm there next.  They all got a good laugh while I rolled my eyes.

And I'm really hoping that the surprise at the end is worth it!


  1. Surprises are a lot of fun! It'll be like an adventure!

  2. Best wishes for a healthy pregnancy and delivery!

  3. You are one strong mama! I wish you the best during your pregnancy.

  4. Surprises are most definitely worth it! I loved being surprised for our first baby. After that, it was all down hill (hehehe).

    Glad your pregnancy is coming along, one day at a time.

    PS: Are you resting enough? I remember being exhausted a lot while pregnant. Put up your feet, have a nice bath, and watch a movie when you can. :)


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