Sunday, July 18, 2010

This conversation actually happened

My dear sweet husband sat down on the couch tonight to clip his toenails.  I may have found his toenail clippings on the floor once or twice before. (Or maybe it's been more times than I can count.)  So I very nicely said, (in what was probably a slightly disgusted voice)

Me: "Honey, please don't leave your toenail clippings all over the floor!"
Him: (exasperated sigh) "I won't!!"

An hour or so later, I walked past the couch in question, noticing some very prominent clippings. 

Me: "Tom!  You left your toenail clippings on the couch!"
Tom: "Well you told me not to leave them on the floor.  I didn't leave them on the floor, I left them on the couch.  I was just being obedient."

It was my turn for an exasperated sigh.  And for a sudden burst of understanding about why, after eight years, my daughter still won't pick her wet towel up off the floor.


  1. I must admit the toenail thing almost makes me gag. I have had the same "discussion" with my guy.

  2. Toe nail clippings...those rank up there with toilet seats left open (sigh).

    Now that we have a dog, the toilet seat thing has become an issue. :)


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